Youth Leadership

Scout Troops are primarily boy lead, adult assisted organizations. Troop 2319 follows this methodology with the scout electing a Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) every 6 months. This SPL works with his two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPLs) as well as the entire leadership staff to organize and run the troop planning everything from meetings to outings.

Senior Patrol Leader: Brendan Scavelli
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Robert ‘Scorpio’ Carlin
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: David Ripley
Instructor: Avery Shumpert
Scribe: Dylan Woodcook
Chaplin’s Aid: Ben Meininger
Outdoor Ethics: Jeremy Andre
OA Representative: Thomas Wiggins
Quartermaster: Jay Wasser
Bugler: Aiden Mihill
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster: 
Nick McFadden
Troop Guide: 
Cameron Dembski

Patrol Leader: Charlie Arkenberg
Patrol Leader:
Conner Angel