Chickamauga Battlefield

Note: Chickamauga Battlefield does not have any physical geocaches. Please do not climb on or damage any historical monument and be respectful of other guests visiting the park.


We have 27 sets of GPS Coordinates across 9 different areas. Each set of coordinates corresponds to a landmark, monument, sign, etc. within Chickamauga Battlefield. We have created 5 treks each of which has 5 locations + a bonus location allowing up to 5 groups to each have a different path and see a variety of landmarks. When a group arrives at their next waypoint, they should write down what they find. As a reminder, depending on signal strength and quality of GPS, waypoint may end up to 30 feet away from the actual landmark.

These treks were designed to start & end from the north end of the battlefield at the campsites, however you can start from the visitor center or any other location. There are two version, one with QR Codes that can be scanned for easy input of coordinates into a cell phone and one without QR Codes that will require users to manually type in coordinates. If entering coordinates manually into Google Maps, they should be entered in Degree and Decimal Minute (DMM) format.

Example: N 34° 54.753 W 085° 16.187 would be entered as 34 54.753N 085 16.187W (without degrees or commas) Click here to learn more! 

Tip: While exploring Chickamauga, have each group carry a trash bag with them to pick up litter along the way.