Court of Honor

2020 August Court of Honor

What an amazing socially distant Court of Honor! Even with limited in person meetings and very few outings or troop activities, Troop 2319 Scouts haven’t stopped continuing their Trail to Eagle. We had 50+ merit badges to hand out, dozens of new rank advancements, and several first year scouts were awarded their upgraded troop neckerchiefs. We also got our new custom JTE Patches and they look amazing! Can’t wait to add the next JTE Rocker for 2020. A special thank you to Joe W. for helping secure and run the sound system to make sure everyone could hear.

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Custom Troop 2319 JTE Patches

We had a few questions about the JTE patches from the Court of Honor Last night. The Troop committee (a while back) decided that instead of getting the yearly JTE patches that have to be replaced each year that we would go with a custom troop JTE patch. Each year “rocker” will be in the stitching color of the level we earned ( All gold we hope!) The founding members received their round patch & 2018, 2019 rockers. the 2019 cross overs received their round patch and 2019 rocker. The first year scouts will receive their round patch at the December CoH & 2020 Rocker which based on our record will also be gold! These go on the right sleeve of your uniform under the patrol patch. Leave enough room for the rockers to go all the way around.

Outings & Activities

2020-08-28: Camp Westin

The troop had an amazing time out at Camp Westin this weekend! You could definitely tell that EVERYONE was excited to be out and camping again. Many of our newer scouts worked on or refreshed their knowledge of first aid, fire building, and ax and knife safety. We even had a paper airplane making competition just for the fun of it!!

I want to give a shot out to all the scouts who attended, you guys did an fantastic job making sure we stayed safe throughout the weekend. It definitely isn’t fun having to wear a mask nearly 24/7, especially when its that hot out. Good job pushing through and staying safe!

We ended out outing with our usual Thorns & Roses. Several scouts had thorns that it was so hot and humid, but at the end, we all had a little chuckle when the latest addition to our scouting family (a family who recently moved here from Florida) had a rose that the weather was the perfect temperature and not too muggy! Just goes to show that a lot of things that seem unpleasant really aren’t that bad when you look at the bigger picture.

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OA Kennesaw

New OA Members

Huge congratulations go out to:

  • Michael Carlin
  • Steve Carlin
  • Cavin Davis
  • Xan Mihill

For completing their induction into the Order of the Arrow this past weekend. For those who don’t know, the Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s National Honor Society. The induction weekend can be a lot of hard work for candidates, but everyone made it through and had a great time!

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