Eagle Project

Eagle Proj: Kenric N.

My eagle project was to build two storage bins for Simpson Middle School. They will be used to store sports equipment and other equipment that the school would like to keep outdoors. There were 15 scouts and 6 adult leaders who were present. It was a cold windy day but every scout braved the weather and put in their best effort. We made 2 teams, each building 1 storage bin to optimize time. Everything went smoothly and fine. we had a small challenge with the slow closing hinge but with the guidance and expertise of the leaders we were able to complete the build. Thanks everyone who came out to help! — Kenric N. Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ipziRYRmQ6TZTrej7    

Eagle Project

2023-08-19: Will L. Eagle Project

While some scouts were out hiking practicing their trail cooking, Will L. lead a separate group of scouts in the building of 8 wooden benches to be installed at Allatoona Creek Park. It looks like everyone worked together to get these benches knocked out and we can’t wait to see some pictures of them fully installed!

Eagle Project

Eagle Project: Sebastian P.

Wow it was a busy weekend! In addition to our Adopt A Mile, Sebastian P. lead his fellow scouts in building and delivering some much needed new picnic tables to Ebenezer Downs Park! They look pretty good if we do say so ourselves. Great work Sebastian! Now you just have to get the rest of your paperwork knocked out so you can sit for your Eagle Board of Review.   Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PyMnUfNpS4psBmH8A

Eagle Project

Eagle Project: David H.

It’s only the first weekend and December is already shaping up to be a very busy month. David H. lead his fellow scouts in building and replacing several benches at the trail entrance to at Blankets Creek Mountain Bike Trails in Woodstock for his Eagle Scout Project. The weather was perfect and the new benches look amazing. Great job David, you’re one step closer to Eagle Scout! Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yWbsaajSDEPJUHtKA

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Eagle COH: Cameron D.

Congratulations Cameron D! As you know, the Trail to Eagle is not a short process and has a fair number of challenges along the way, but you persevered and overcame every obstacle in your path. We were proud to properly recognize your accomplishments at your Eagle Court of Honor this past weekend. It was wonderful ceremony with lots of great picture from your years in scouting. Congratulations again on completing your trail to eagle and thank you for letting Troop 2319 be a part of your journey. Well done! COH Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/or3GgMFn3ZWjEUGh7 Project Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nMr5b5fbyrexqTeRA  

Eagle Project

Eagle Project: Thomas W.

The troop might be getting ready to leave for Summer Camp tomorrow, but there’s always time to fit in a scout’s Eagle Project! Thomas spent the day leading his crews in developing a new section of nature trails and revitalizing some others at Unity North Atlanta. Great work Thomas, looking at some of the before and after pictures really shows how much work was done. (click the image below for the full album)

Eagle Project

Eagle Project: Jay W.

While much of the troop was out camping this past weekend, Jay W. did an amazing job leading his remaining fellow scouts at his Eagle Project at Unity. Jay’s to refresh the nature trails behind Unity’s Organic Garden involved getting a seriously massive pile of mulch spread, fixing up some of the trail edges, moving in some recently built benches, and clearing out a fallen tree. Great Work Jay, the area looks great and it looks like the trails are ready for more heavy use this summer. Well done Jay, it looks like your project went very smoothly! (click the image below for the full album)  

Eagle Project

Eagle Project: Aiden L.

The troop had another great eagle project yesterday. Aiden L. lead his teams in the building of six addition benches at Unity North for added benches around the labyrinth as well as to replace some of the deteriorating benches. Way to go Aiden, great work! (Click the image below to see the full album)

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Eagle Project: Cameron D.

Wow, it has been tough keeping up with all the things happening in Troop 2319 lately, if you’re like me and need a recap, Cameron D. lead his fellow scouts in executing his Eagle Project the weekend before last. The goal was to build six additional benches for Unity North Atlanta and it looks like Cameron did a fantastic job leading is fellow scouts to accomplish his goal. But don’t take my word for it, click the image below to see the full album of photos form the project!

Eagle Project, News

Eagle Project: David R.

Are you looking to earn some service hours? David Ripley will be holding is Eagle Project work day this Saturday, Feb 22! Check out the flyer below (you can click on it for a printable version) and don’t forget to sign up so David can plan and knows who to expect! Sign Up: www.signupgenius.com/go/904094EACAB2DA5FD0-david