Outings & Activities

2023-10-15: Providence Canyon

Last weekend, the troop headed south of Atlanta to Providence Canyon and wow, what a cool place!! We got there pretty late and setup in the dark, but when the sun rose on Saturday, it was clear just how amazing this place is. We hiked the rim and down into the canyon, learned a ton about how it formed, and even had some time in the afternoon to play games and relax. Word don’t do it justice, take a look at the highlights and head to the link to see all the amazing pictures from this campout.

Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ULE7YMyA72SsuGUP7



2023-09-15: SpaceX

The weekend, we headed to Bert Adams for a weekend of rocket launching! We had a ton of fun building our rockets on Saturday Morning with the help of copious amounts of glue. After lunch it we returned to the field to see who’s would go the highest. Some went more sideways than up, and the weather moved in until we were eventually launching it what was clearly rain, but it was still a fantastic afternoon! Huge shout out and thank you to our RSOs for the weekend Mr. Kolluri & Mr. Leftwich who braved the rain and kept helping scouts get their rockets off the ground regardless of the weather! We finished up by policing the field to collect the dozens of spent rocket motors and headed back to our campsite for a evening of good food and campfire program. Despite the rain, it was still a pretty awesome weekend.

Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/D8SLJ1tB8NqxUKBn6

Court of Honor

2023-08: Court of Honor

This past Monday, we held our August Court of Honor and it was a big one! This week, we officially recognized and awarded, 45 Rank Advancements, 3 National Outdoor Achievement Camping segment, 8 National Outdoor Award Gold Devices, a Recruiter Strip, 3 Triple Crowns, and 199 Merit Badges! We also recognized our newest OA Ordeal & Brotherhood Members and the fact that we have the most 2023 Dues Paid OA Members of any troop in the entire Atlanta Area Council!
All of this has been achieved in just the past 6 months and really goes to show that our scouts never stop moving forwards. They are always working on that next rank, next merit badge, or award. This was an amazing Court of Honor, to all scouts, keep up the good work!
Eagle Project

2023-08-19: Will L. Eagle Project

While some scouts were out hiking practicing their trail cooking, Will L. lead a separate group of scouts in the building of 8 wooden benches to be installed at Allatoona Creek Park. It looks like everyone worked together to get these benches knocked out and we can’t wait to see some pictures of them fully installed!

Outings & Activities

2023-08-19: More Trail Cooking

Not a weekend goes by that our scouts aren’t out practicing their scout skills! This past weekend several scouts headed out for a quick hike at Red Top Mountain to work on their Trail Cooking for the Cooking Merit Badge. Some lessons were definitely learned about portion sizing, following instruction & planning ahead, and the importance of repackaging food to reduce waste and weight. All said, their meals all looked pretty tasty and we couldn’t have asked for better weather on Saturday morning.

Outings & Activities

2023-08-13: Ocoee Weekend

For our August campout the troop went to Woodruff for White Water Rafting.  Scouts seemed to have an absolutely awesome time Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee River! While older scouts were busy on the river, two leaders lead our first year scouts in some tree top ziplines! While the weather was hot the water felt refreshing.  Some of our first year scouts stayed back at camp and played manhunt. Grubmasters Roman, Brantley, Evan, Ryan, Abhinav made some delicious meals.  Everyone had a great weekend!

Mitchell A.
Troop Historian

Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JNYPBepBc6U81MTP8

Outings & Activities

2023-07-30: Cycling MB

Could we have had a busier weekend? After the creamery & Animal Science MB on Friday, Scout Picnic on Saturday, we still had scouts itching for more and went on a whopping 22 Mile Mountain Bike Ride for the Cycling Merit Badge on Sunday! Could you have picked a hotter day? Even with the heat, it looks like everyone had a good time! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/arjR3WpSgeKnbNjy6

Outings & Activities

2023-07-29: Scout Picnic

School hasn’t started yet, so our scouts are still busy having fun! Following out Dairy Visit & Game Day on Friday, we had our Annual Scout Picnic for friends & family of all scouts from all scouting units at Unity! It was so much fun seeing people from Pack 710, Pack 1714, Troop 2319-B. Troop 2319-G, & Crew 2319! There was a ton of backyard games, lots of great food, & some really good fellowship and socializing. So excited that we are back to having our annual picnic and looking forward to it again next year!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HVg8DrBeANUFzaRWA

Outings & Activities

2023-07-29: Trail Cooking

I was wrong, we apparently did have an even busier weekend than I thought! Thank you Brandon & Kelly for taking the time on this past Saturday morning to lead a group of scouts in a 5 mile hike for them to complete their Cooking MB Trail Cooking Req. Looks like everyone had a great time!


Outings & Activities

2023-07-28: Mountain Fresh Creamery

With summer almost over, we’re squeezing in every bit of fun we can! Yesterday we headed up to Glo Crest Dairy, Clermont, Georgia & Mountain Fresh Creamery to learn about dairy farming, work on the Animal Science Merit Badge, and of course get some fresh ice cream & cheese! After our picnic lunch in the park, we headed back to Unity North Atlanta to finish up the MB and have an afternoon of board games and fellowship. Couldn’t ask for a better day!!
Eagle Project

Eagle Project: Sebastian P.

Wow it was a busy weekend! In addition to our Adopt A Mile, Sebastian P. lead his fellow scouts in building and delivering some much needed new picnic tables to Ebenezer Downs Park! They look pretty good if we do say so ourselves. Great work Sebastian! Now you just have to get the rest of your paperwork knocked out so you can sit for your Eagle Board of Review.
Outings & Activities

2023: Summer Camp

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dT2QBF9ZR3kdT1JQ7

Day 1:
Troop 2319 arrived safely and toward the front of the in-processing line. Usually it takes two and a half hours to do medical check-in, but today was only 22 minutes due to dropping the forms off early. Orientation and camp set up went smoothly, but the opening campfire was curtailed after 20 minutes when the rain came down heavily. Add / Drop went as well as could be expected. We did not get extra slots for welding or water skiing, but did get 7 extra slots for the Ocoee whitewater trip. All is well.
-Col. Tom

Day 2:
We had a wet night. Two and a half inches of rain and 18 mph winds were a struggle to sleep through, but the weather today was a perfect 70 and sunshine. Classes began in the morning with some minor adjustments. The 1st Aid MB in camp is half finished. Only the practical hands on tasks remain. 8 Scouts went on the river today. The water was running faster, but there were fewer rapids due to the rain raising the water levels. Lots of individual free time in the afternoon. An Appalachian Folkfest after dinner and an overnight canoe trip for some.
-Col. Tom Welch

Day 3:
We had perfect weather again today. The 12 who went on the canoe overnighter paddled in across the lake just before breakfast making an idealic setting. Classes continued and we finished the 1st Aid merit badge. It was a big day for mail. I looked like Santa with a bulging bag of packages. We even had the chance to sing happy birthday to a special Scout. Every one scattered for afternoon activities. The Order of the Arrow had a social after dinner and then everyone pretty much went to the spoof merit badge on Scooby-Doo.
-Col. Tom

Day 4:
Classes continued. It kept threatening to rain all day until it finally opened up in the afternoon. A lot of bonding and cards under the tarps, but not much other activity. Xan has us very close to earning Honor Troop with Traditions. We are well on track. Tonight the first year Scouts went on a 5-mile hike for advancement. The older Scouts went repelling, worked on Honor Troop, went swimming and/ or attended the flag retirement among other things. Not a bad hump day.
-Col. Tom

Day 5:
What a great day! The merit badges are almost complete. It took a while but the Troop is firing on all cylinders. Looks like we will earn Honor Troop with Scouting Traditions. The boys are working really hard. A special shout out to Mason Cox who has us in the running for the Silver Spoon Award (cleanest eating area in the dining hall) thru his diligence as our chowmaster. Most of the boys had off camp activities today, either a raft trip on one of the rivers or a horseback ride. Lots of smiles and adventure stories. We will publish the link to get rafting photos after we get home from camp. Tonight’s special activity is open boating, but we have also been detailed for a shower house cleaning. All set for a big finish tomorrow. Home on Saturday.
-Col Tom

Day 6:
For the final day of camp, scouts finished up their remaining merit badges, adults watched and cheered on campers participating in the Mile Swim, and a camp wide cardboard boat race was taken on.. We didn’t win, not even close, but the scouts had fun and that’s what counts! The night was finished off with closing campfire and picking up an absolute mountain of advancement materials to sort and enter!


Final Stats!

Outings & Activities

2023-06-03: Addison Elementary Bridge Repair

We’re right in that sweet spot between school & summer camp when most folks are out of town, so huge shout out and thank you to all those who helped with the Addison Elementary School Bridge Repair Service Project on Saturday. It wasn’t an Eagle Project, just something the troop offered to take on. We replaced rotten and unsafe parts of the bridge and fence railings, as well as added a few more structural braces to provide a little bit more stability to the bridge. Thank you Mr. Kerns for planning and organizing this awesome project!
*And also thank you Mike & Cole W. who were at the project for nearly the entire time, but had to head out mere minutes before a group picture was taken at the end (sorry!)