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Jan: Day of Fire

For Troop 2319’s January Campout, with weather moving it, we pivoted and ended up camping at Allatoona Aquatics Base. It worked out great as it landed on the same weekend as the Camp Allatoona Support Team’s annual Day of Fire that focusses on burning drift wood and using christmas trees staked down to the lake bottom to form fish habitats in the spring. It was a little chilly, but a great weekend for all. Check out the album for a few more pictures from the weekend.

Full Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5tszXy5thnMxtpby8


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Adopt A Mile

We help our second Adopt A Mile yesterday as part of the #KeepCobbBeautiful program. It was a little drizzly and wet, but we still had plenty of helpers show up. All together we were able to collect 14 bags of trash as well as a few odds and ends. Definitely was a success and we even had some time to collect some trash around Addison Elementary! Thank you to all who volunteered to help!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XF2yUBYJ6GqBYBmeA

Outings & Activities

2021-11-12: Shooting Sports Campout

The Troop headed down to Bert Adams Scout Camp this past weekend for a shooting sports marathon! There was Archery, Rifles, & Shotgun all available and scouts got to shoot till their arms were tired. The daytime weather cooperated and the overnights were… a good reminder to check the forecast before an outing, read emails from the troop about the weather, and pack with many layers. Overall, scouts seemed to really have a blast.

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZnqwP31AJrZmg8vdA


Outings & Activities

2021-10-17: Camporal

This weekend Troop 2319 hosted Packs 1714, 417 and 714 at Camporall 2021.  2319 Scouts lead patrols of cubs in some patrol skill building in the morning with games and fun time all afternoon. Grub masters did a great job, and the skits at the camp fire were terrific. Even though it was cold everyone still had fun! Thank you to everyone who was able to make it this weekend.

Troop Historian
Jude K.

Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ko8JLQshuLXvLcxGA

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Unity North Atlanta Pumpkin Patch Setup

Today Troop 2319 helped to setup the Unity North Atlanta pumpkin patch. We setup a tent and laid hay bails and pallets out. Thank you to all of the scouts and parents who were able to help out!
If you’re in the are and looking for a pumpkin, consider stopping Unity to pick one up starting Oct. 16th! More info at: https://unitynorth.org/event/pumpkin-patch/2021-10-17/
Troop Historian
Jude K.
Outings & Activities

September: Bonus Campout

The troop had an awesome mini bonus campout this past weekend at Allatoona Aquatics Base. After having such are large campout just a week prior, this campout was much smaller with just a few select scouts who wanted to get out and work on cooking, orienteering, rank advancements, etc. on a little more of relaxed outing. Overall, it was a great weekend with great whether and was just a ton of fun.

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hoSQUGgBVYxbnkW57

Outings & Activities

September: Cohutta Fish Hatchery

Last weekend, the scouts of Troop 2319 went to the Cohutta Fish Hatchery, They camped and fished and completed the fishing merit badge with all the requirements including catching at least one fish and learning to fillet a fish! They also learned about the different kinds of fishing rods and bait. Thank you to all of the scouts who were able to attend!

Troop Historian
Jude Kerns

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tGoMKBBrg1zA3jJC7

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Troop 2319 scouts adopted a mile in front of Addison Elementary School as part of the Keep Cobb Beautiful program. We collected nine big bags of trash and spoke to some locals who thanked us for helping clean up the community. We also were pleasantly surprised that Cobb County was able to install signs with Troop 2319 listed on them at each end or our mile already. Thank you to everyone who participated, both parents and scouts!

Jude K.
Troop Historian

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/od2sSxVP488kDdZV6


Court of Honor

August ’21 COH

Wow, last night was one of our biggest Court of Honors yet! There are currently 137 merit badges that a scout can earn. These merit badges cover outdoor skills, STEM, sports, life skills, and hobbies. In the past 6 months, since our last Court of Honor, the scouts of Troop 2319 have earned 63 of the 137 different merit badges available and we we able to hand out 283 total merit badges and 57 extra awards! Additionally, scouts have clearly been busy working on their rank advancements as we were also able to recognize 70 rank advancements. What an impressive amount of work these scouts were able to achieve in just the last 6 months. Be sure to give them all a big congratulations next time you see them and check out some highlights from last nights COH or head over and check out the full photo album at the link below.

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7FArFcuCtFEF8zmw9

Outings & Activities

Aug: Wildlife Action

This past weekend, Troop 2319, headed to Wildlife Action of Georgia with exuberance. It was absolutely  apparent by the happy looks on everyone’s faces. Everyone was involved in one activity or the other and had most amazing time bonding and doing group activities. Everyone had astounding time playing games like cornhole and kubb, fishing in the lake near our campsite and spending leisure time  with their fellow scouts. We had a phenomenal  campfire put on but our very own SPL Zayne Nair. We had several skits from the talented scouts and also a dance off between three scouts that represented each of our groups. As the day came to an end on Saturday, the scouts played it out in a game of Manhunt. If that wasn’t enough, there was something still waiting for the sweet tooths. We ended the night with scoops of cobbler,  which was like a cherry on top. All in all you couldn’t ask for a better campout!! One more campout etched in our memories.
Garv S.
Troop Historian

Full Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GListyba9eQA97dN7

Advancement Spotlight, Court of Honor, Eagle Project

Eagle COH: Cameron D.

Congratulations Cameron D! As you know, the Trail to Eagle is not a short process and has a fair number of challenges along the way, but you persevered and overcame every obstacle in your path. We were proud to properly recognize your accomplishments at your Eagle Court of Honor this past weekend. It was wonderful ceremony with lots of great picture from your years in scouting. Congratulations again on completing your trail to eagle and thank you for letting Troop 2319 be a part of your journey. Well done!

COH Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/or3GgMFn3ZWjEUGh7
Project Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nMr5b5fbyrexqTeRA


Outings & Activities

July: Philmont Trek ’21

It’s been a couple weeks since our Philmont Crew returned and it sounds like they had an absolute blast while out there! Check out what High Adventure Crew Leader Dylan W. had to say about the trip:

I think most of the Crew agrees when I say that hiking Philmont was the greatest opportunity any of us could have been given. Everything from a Search and Rescue and climbing class to interactive evening programs made every day an adventure. Some of the Crew’s favorite activities were definitely climbing and fishing on our last couple of days out there! We were in the real outdoors, with bears being a common sighting on the property for other Crews. Fortunately or unfortunately we were only gifted with seeing does, bucks, and lots of turkeys, partially due to the loudness of the Crew Leader.

Learning about the conservation of forests proved an interest for many of the scouts, but not as much as getting to make .30-06 bullets and being allowed to shoot our own rounds! Nor as much as 3D Archery and a Tomahawk throwing competition within the Crew. The Wilderness Pledge Guide, Will, reminded us to be clean Scouts in the outdoors and helped us follow the Outdoor Code on our journey. Our wonderful Chaplain’s Aid, Jay, brought our spirits when times were rough. The only notable lows of God’s beautiful Philmont Scout Ranch was the hail and heavy rains that fell as we made some of our longer distanced hikes. I personally enjoyed the rain during those hotter days, but no one else seemed to! No matter what this Crew was faced with, we prevailed, and ended the great trek by seeing the sunrise on the Tooth of Time. The greatest outdoor adventure has been completed by Crew 709-Quicktrip!

-Crew Leader Dylan W.
Now if you don’t think that sounds like an amazing trip, check out some of the highlights below, or check out the full photo album and you’ll surely be convinced!