Outings & Activities

Weekend at Woodruff

This weekend we headed to Woodruff Scout Camp to have fun camping and hiking. We arrived late Friday night and set up our campsite. On Saturday some scouts and adults went hiking right after breakfast and many scouts completed their trail cooking requirements for the Cooking Merit Badge. The scouts arrived back around noon right before the rain began. The scouts spent the rest of the day playing games, hanging by the fire, and other scouting activities. On Sunday the scout packed up quickly beating the rain that followed right as we left and we headed home.
-Troop Historian
Jack H.

Cobb County Commissioner JoAnne Birrell

Shout out and thank you to JoAnne Birrell for taking the time to come to our troop meeting last night! We really appreciate you speaking with our scouts about Cobb County Government’s organization, the role of Commissioner in Cobb County government and how Scouts can get involved. We especially appreciate you taking the time be interviewed by so many scouts after your talk.

OA Kennesaw

2023 Elected OA Candidates

Congratulations to our newly elected OA Candidates! Mason, Mitchell, Trevor, Cody, Garrett, Rayaan, Brody, Zach, Aayan, Drew, & Cole.

Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s National Honor Society. Scouts must be at least Frist Class with 15 nights camping, 5 of which must come from a long term campout, and then be elected by at least 50% of their peers. Getting elected and becoming a candidate allows these scouts to officially join the OA by completing their Ordeal at an induction weekend and becoming a member of the Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge.

Congratulations again and we look forward to you representing the troop within the Lodge and carrying on the Troop 2319’s Tradition of supporting and OA and it’s mission of performing cheerful service to others!

Outings & Activities

2023-01-22: Camp Benjamin Hawkins

This weekend, we headed down south of Atlanta to Camp Benjamin Hawkins for a fun fill weekend of inter patrol games and challenges. We arrived a bit after dark, scouts were split up by patrol and instructed to setup their own campsites as they see fit. On Saturday, patrols challenged each other in fire building, a photo scavenger hunt, surprise cobbler making with mystery ingredients, & wix chixin! The day finished off with a quick campfire program put together by Zachary M. & a big closing campfire just before the rain started moving in. Sunday morning was a bit damp, but we scouts got most of the gear put away fairly quickly and we were on the road and headed home before you knew it. Check out the highlights below or click the link to see the full photo album.

Full Photo Album:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/FzTsyoXsxLcjVmfLA

Outings & Activities

2022: Holiday Party

we might be a little late in sharing the photos, but that doesn’t change the fact that scouts seemed to have fantastic time at your Holiday Party! Between the food, trivia, patrol challenges, and ugly sweater & Santa look a like contests, it seemed like everyone was busy and having a blast! Don’t take our word for it, check out the photos or full album to see all the shenanigans scouts were up to. Congratulations to everyone who one prizes and thank you to everyone who brought a food item to share with the troop. Another great, JTE Gold, year in the bag!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XQbHfSvBwgmSaRAb9


Eagle Project

Eagle Project: David H.

It’s only the first weekend and December is already shaping up to be a very busy month. David H. lead his fellow scouts in building and replacing several benches at the trail entrance to at Blankets Creek Mountain Bike Trails in Woodstock for his Eagle Scout Project. The weather was perfect and the new benches look amazing. Great job David, you’re one step closer to Eagle Scout!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yWbsaajSDEPJUHtKA

Outings & Activities

2022-12: Escalade Lockin

It’s been a couple years since we’ve held a Lock-In at Escalade Climbing Gym and boy was it good to be back! Scouts got to learn how to repel, tie some knots for the Climbing Merit Badge, and climb to the point of exhaustion! Between pizza, snacks, and a special birthday treat, scouts were had lots of energy and the perfect way to burn it off, though some of us just played board games all night. This was also our first joint event with Troop 2319-G and it was so so great to see so many different scouts having so much time. What a great overnight event to end the year with.

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SEGK21jqnJfyx3CB6

Eagle Scout

Michael’s Eagle Court of Honor

It may have been a few months since he officially passed his Eagle Board of Review, but we were finally able to properly celebrate and congratulate Michael C. at his Eagle Court of Honor yesterday! Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend, from relatives from out of town, scouts from other units, & Unity’s own Rev. Richard Burdick. Congratulations again Michael, you earned it!
Outings & Activities

2022-11-11: Indian Springs Biking Campout

Just as the sun was going down, the troop packed up to head south to Indian Springs, GA for a biking filled weekend! Although it was pitch black when we arrived, scouts were quick to get their personal gear and troop gear setup so they could gather around a fire before heading to bed. Saturday turned out to be a perfect day with most of the scouts and adults heading out just after breakfast for their 15 mile ride. Getting back sooner than expected just after lunch, scouts split into smaller groups for some additional rides before everyone regrouped for dinner and campfire program put on by Will L. Sunday morning was a cold one, hover just above freezing, but our SPL Michael roused the scouts, to get breakfasts made, gear torn down, and the enormous campsite policed before heading out. What a great trip to a new place!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hX2WDzfU82gneCUb6

Outings & Activities

2022 Foothills District Camporall

I think it’s safe to say the troop had an amazing time at Camporall! Saturday started off a little chilly, but quickly warmed up and scouts were able to play board games, practice fire building, ga-ga, fields sports, disc golf, and so much more! Most importantly, we were able to meet some & bond with our friends from Pack1714 & Pack 710 – Marietta, GA! The night ended with a camp wide fire, skits, and flag retirement. Sunday morning was another cold one, but once scouts were up and moving, they tore down camp, attended camp wide interfaith, and finished up by policing our campsite, shower house, and the ga-ga pits for trash and lost items. Camporall is an Foothills District BSA campout, but several of our scouts really stepped up to help make it happen. Shout out to:
Michael C: Event SPL along with Charlie (Troop 2019)
Xan M: Who lead the camp wide interfaith
Jude K: Who did an amazing job playing reveille & taps during the flag retirement in the cold no less
Outings & Activities

2022-09-18: Project Chimps

The troop headed to north GA this weekend to visit Project Chimps 230+ acre forested sanctuary to see and learn about how they provide lifelong care to former research chimpanzees. With such a large group, we were lucky enough to be the first to utilize Project Chimp’s new secondary campsite. The location and weather couldn’t have been more perfect this weekend. Everyone got to learn a ton about the different chimps and how they’re cared for. Huge shout out and thanks to the amazing volunteers at project chimps!

In the afternoon, we got to leave our own mark on the sanctuary by helping to build, expand, and maintain some of the expansive hiking trails on the property and got some great views in the process too! Couldn’t ask for a better weekend!


Change In Leadership

With the August COH also came the transfer of leadership. Congratulations and good luck to our new SPL, Michael C. & his two ASPLs Xan M. & Mason C. You can learn about Michael’s scouting career at https://troop2319.com/spl-corner/
As one of Michael’s first orders of business, he has asked for folks to submit any and all campout and/or meeting request ideas by filling out the bellow Google Form. All ideas are welcome! https://forms.gle/5teKvhNNipMToh6j6
Court of Honor

2022-08: August Court of Honor

We had an amazing Court of Honor last night. Over the last 6 months, scouts have completed 281 Merit Badges (71 of the 138 different badges were earned). We also had the honor of award 49 rank advancements with 12 scouts earning Scout Rank, 6 earning Tenderfoot, 1 Second Class, 7 First Class, 11 Star Rank, 6 earned Life Rank, and 6 new Eagle Scouts! Between the merit badges, new ranks, and the 101 special awards, there was a TON to pass out to scouts. Check out the some highlight pics or click the link below to see the full photo album from the night.