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2023-03-18: Pack 1417 Crossover

Keep looking for new faces, Pack 1417 held their crossover on Saturday at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church, where Abhinav K. officially completed his Cub Scout Journey and joined Troop 2319 on to continue his Trail to Eagle! Congrats and thank you for allowing us to be the next step on our trail. We look forward to getting to know you better!

Outings & Activities

2023-03-18: Cycling MB Ride #2

For our second ride of the cycling Merit Badge, we headed up to Blankets Creek yesterday. It was just a quick ride, but sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. What a great way to spend a couple hours!
Cycling Merit Badge Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/arjR3WpSgeKnbNjy6
Outings & Activities

2023-03-04: Cycling MB Ride #1

Scouts enjoyed he Cycling Merit Badge when we offered it in 2021 that we’re offering it again and the the scouts just finished their first ride this weekend! It was just a short 3 mile ride to start off the program. The weather was perfect and the scouts looked like they had an awesome time. Already looking forward to the next ride.

Court of Honor

2023-02: Court of Honor

It’s done! The stats are in. We had our February Court of Honor earlier this week an over just the last 6 months, 2319 scouts completed:

  • 71 Merit Badges
  • 34 rank advancements with
    • 1 scout earning Scout Rank
    • 6 earning Tenderfoot
    • 2 Second Class
    • 2 First Class
    • 7 Star Rank
    • 12 earned Life Rank
    • 4 new Eagle Scouts!
  • We have also welcomed 16 new scouts to our troop
  • Handed out 15 Special awards to scouts
  • And 4 Good Eggs recognizing s a few of our adult volunteers who help make it all happen

What an incredible night! Massive shout out to the Advancement Team who helps track, purchase, organize all these accomplishments and coordinates our Court of Honors. We couldn’t do it without you! Check out a couple of the highlights below or follow the link to see the full album.

Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Wa82cJURofVWeQrf7


Eagle Scout, News

Eagle Scout Recognition

Thank you Cobb County Commissioners for inviting Troop 2319’s recent Eagle Scouts to your monthly meeting this week to recognize their great accomplishments. Becoming an Eagle Scout is one of the highest honors a scout can earn. It was so great to see them being recognized for that accomplishment. What an awesome experience they will remember for years to come!



Pack 1714 Crossover

We’ve got more new scouts! Pack 1714 held their Crossover a few days ago at Mt. View Elementary where several of their Arrow of Light scouts transitioned from their Cub Pack to our Scout Troop. We are so excited to be part of their journey on their Trail to Eagle. Be sure to stop by and introduce yourself when you see them at their first troop meeting tonight!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JXwHR1UEzftecYPq5


Pack 710 Crossover

Be on the lookout for new faces! This weekend, we were honored to participate in Pack 710’s Crossover Ceremony and welcome two of their Arrow of Light Scouts into Troop 2319. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your scouting journey on your trail to eagle and we look forward to getting to know you.

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KDPcZx8RFxCNNCw29

Outings & Activities

Weekend at Woodruff

This weekend we headed to Woodruff Scout Camp to have fun camping and hiking. We arrived late Friday night and set up our campsite. On Saturday some scouts and adults went hiking right after breakfast and many scouts completed their trail cooking requirements for the Cooking Merit Badge. The scouts arrived back around noon right before the rain began. The scouts spent the rest of the day playing games, hanging by the fire, and other scouting activities. On Sunday the scout packed up quickly beating the rain that followed right as we left and we headed home.
-Troop Historian
Jack H.

Cobb County Commissioner JoAnne Birrell

Shout out and thank you to JoAnne Birrell for taking the time to come to our troop meeting last night! We really appreciate you speaking with our scouts about Cobb County Government’s organization, the role of Commissioner in Cobb County government and how Scouts can get involved. We especially appreciate you taking the time be interviewed by so many scouts after your talk.

OA Kennesaw

2023 Elected OA Candidates

Congratulations to our newly elected OA Candidates! Mason, Mitchell, Trevor, Cody, Garrett, Rayaan, Brody, Zach, Aayan, Drew, & Cole.

Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s National Honor Society. Scouts must be at least Frist Class with 15 nights camping, 5 of which must come from a long term campout, and then be elected by at least 50% of their peers. Getting elected and becoming a candidate allows these scouts to officially join the OA by completing their Ordeal at an induction weekend and becoming a member of the Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge.

Congratulations again and we look forward to you representing the troop within the Lodge and carrying on the Troop 2319’s Tradition of supporting and OA and it’s mission of performing cheerful service to others!

Outings & Activities

2023-01-22: Camp Benjamin Hawkins

This weekend, we headed down south of Atlanta to Camp Benjamin Hawkins for a fun fill weekend of inter patrol games and challenges. We arrived a bit after dark, scouts were split up by patrol and instructed to setup their own campsites as they see fit. On Saturday, patrols challenged each other in fire building, a photo scavenger hunt, surprise cobbler making with mystery ingredients, & wix chixin! The day finished off with a quick campfire program put together by Zachary M. & a big closing campfire just before the rain started moving in. Sunday morning was a bit damp, but we scouts got most of the gear put away fairly quickly and we were on the road and headed home before you knew it. Check out the highlights below or click the link to see the full photo album.

Full Photo Album:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/FzTsyoXsxLcjVmfLA

Outings & Activities

2022: Holiday Party

we might be a little late in sharing the photos, but that doesn’t change the fact that scouts seemed to have fantastic time at your Holiday Party! Between the food, trivia, patrol challenges, and ugly sweater & Santa look a like contests, it seemed like everyone was busy and having a blast! Don’t take our word for it, check out the photos or full album to see all the shenanigans scouts were up to. Congratulations to everyone who one prizes and thank you to everyone who brought a food item to share with the troop. Another great, JTE Gold, year in the bag!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XQbHfSvBwgmSaRAb9


Eagle Project

Eagle Project: David H.

It’s only the first weekend and December is already shaping up to be a very busy month. David H. lead his fellow scouts in building and replacing several benches at the trail entrance to at Blankets Creek Mountain Bike Trails in Woodstock for his Eagle Scout Project. The weather was perfect and the new benches look amazing. Great job David, you’re one step closer to Eagle Scout!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yWbsaajSDEPJUHtKA