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September: Cohutta Fish Hatchery

Last weekend, the scouts of Troop 2319 went to the Cohutta Fish Hatchery, They camped and fished and completed the fishing merit badge with all the requirements including catching at least one fish and learning to fillet a fish! They also learned about the different kinds of fishing rods and bait. Thank you to all of the scouts who were able to attend!

Troop Historian
Jude Kerns

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tGoMKBBrg1zA3jJC7

Adopt-A-Mile, Outings & Activities


Troop 2319 scouts adopted a mile in front of Addison Elementary School as part of the Keep Cobb Beautiful program. We collected nine big bags of trash and spoke to some locals who thanked us for helping clean up the community. We also were pleasantly surprised that Cobb County was able to install signs with Troop 2319 listed on them at each end or our mile already. Thank you to everyone who participated, both parents and scouts!

Jude K.
Troop Historian

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/od2sSxVP488kDdZV6


Court of Honor

August ’21 COH

Wow, last night was one of our biggest Court of Honors yet! There are currently 137 merit badges that a scout can earn. These merit badges cover outdoor skills, STEM, sports, life skills, and hobbies. In the past 6 months, since our last Court of Honor, the scouts of Troop 2319 have earned 63 of the 137 different merit badges available and we we able to hand out 283 total merit badges and 57 extra awards! Additionally, scouts have clearly been busy working on their rank advancements as we were also able to recognize 70 rank advancements. What an impressive amount of work these scouts were able to achieve in just the last 6 months. Be sure to give them all a big congratulations next time you see them and check out some highlights from last nights COH or head over and check out the full photo album at the link below.

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7FArFcuCtFEF8zmw9

Outings & Activities

Aug: Wildlife Action

This past weekend, Troop 2319, headed to Wildlife Action of Georgia with exuberance. It was absolutely  apparent by the happy looks on everyone’s faces. Everyone was involved in one activity or the other and had most amazing time bonding and doing group activities. Everyone had astounding time playing games like cornhole and kubb, fishing in the lake near our campsite and spending leisure time  with their fellow scouts. We had a phenomenal  campfire put on but our very own SPL Zayne Nair. We had several skits from the talented scouts and also a dance off between three scouts that represented each of our groups. As the day came to an end on Saturday, the scouts played it out in a game of Manhunt. If that wasn’t enough, there was something still waiting for the sweet tooths. We ended the night with scoops of cobbler,  which was like a cherry on top. All in all you couldn’t ask for a better campout!! One more campout etched in our memories.
Garv S.
Troop Historian

Full Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GListyba9eQA97dN7

Advancement Spotlight, Court of Honor, Eagle Project

Eagle COH: Cameron D.

Congratulations Cameron D! As you know, the Trail to Eagle is not a short process and has a fair number of challenges along the way, but you persevered and overcame every obstacle in your path. We were proud to properly recognize your accomplishments at your Eagle Court of Honor this past weekend. It was wonderful ceremony with lots of great picture from your years in scouting. Congratulations again on completing your trail to eagle and thank you for letting Troop 2319 be a part of your journey. Well done!

COH Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/or3GgMFn3ZWjEUGh7
Project Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nMr5b5fbyrexqTeRA


Outings & Activities

July: Philmont Trek ’21

It’s been a couple weeks since our Philmont Crew returned and it sounds like they had an absolute blast while out there! Check out what High Adventure Crew Leader Dylan W. had to say about the trip:

I think most of the Crew agrees when I say that hiking Philmont was the greatest opportunity any of us could have been given. Everything from a Search and Rescue and climbing class to interactive evening programs made every day an adventure. Some of the Crew’s favorite activities were definitely climbing and fishing on our last couple of days out there! We were in the real outdoors, with bears being a common sighting on the property for other Crews. Fortunately or unfortunately we were only gifted with seeing does, bucks, and lots of turkeys, partially due to the loudness of the Crew Leader.

Learning about the conservation of forests proved an interest for many of the scouts, but not as much as getting to make .30-06 bullets and being allowed to shoot our own rounds! Nor as much as 3D Archery and a Tomahawk throwing competition within the Crew. The Wilderness Pledge Guide, Will, reminded us to be clean Scouts in the outdoors and helped us follow the Outdoor Code on our journey. Our wonderful Chaplain’s Aid, Jay, brought our spirits when times were rough. The only notable lows of God’s beautiful Philmont Scout Ranch was the hail and heavy rains that fell as we made some of our longer distanced hikes. I personally enjoyed the rain during those hotter days, but no one else seemed to! No matter what this Crew was faced with, we prevailed, and ended the great trek by seeing the sunrise on the Tooth of Time. The greatest outdoor adventure has been completed by Crew 709-Quicktrip!

-Crew Leader Dylan W.
Now if you don’t think that sounds like an amazing trip, check out some of the highlights below, or check out the full photo album and you’ll surely be convinced!
Advancement Spotlight, Court of Honor, Eagle Scout

Eagle COH: Charlie A.

Congratulations Charlie A.! Although you passed your Board of Review and officially became an Eagle Scout a couple months ago, it was great that we were able to properly congratulate you at your Eagle Court of Honor this past weekend.

You worked hard to complete your trail and have come a long way from the scout you crossed over as. You’ve held multiple leadership positions, worked on numerous Merit Badges and Religious Emblems, and planned and executed an Eagle Project as a final demonstration of your leadership skills.

Congratulations again on completing your trail to eagle and thank you for letting Troop 2319 be a part of your journey. Well done!

COH Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LSATAq3VrNKockQv7
Project Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QVyMo9cyawjnYFQM6



Outings & Activities

Cycling MB – Final Ride

Over the weekend, the Troop 2319 Cycling MB Group completed their final and longest ride. The dreaded 22 miler! It was long, hot, and tiring, but everyone who started the day made it to the end. What a way to finish off the Cycling MB! Make sure you head over to the Cycling MB Photo Album to see all the latest pictures!

(Click the image below for the full album of all past Cycling Merit Badge Rides)


Outings & Activities

Summer Camp Wrap Up 2021

Summer Camp at Woodruff Scout Camp was absolutely incredible this year! Taking 51 scouts and 16 adults was a huge deal for the troop, we were the largest troop in camp this year and had the most leaders. There are too many people to thank one by one, but to name a few…, especially Mrs. Shumpert who handles all the all the planning and input of schedules, Mrs. Arkenberg who painstakingly reviewed everyone’s health forms, and all the leaders and parents who helped get scouts to and from camp. For a brief overview of camp, check out Col Tom’s nightly summaries:
Sunday: We easily sped through in-processing. Our Troop was too big for the benches used for the picture, so our camp arrival photo was taken in the amphitheater. The boys had plenty of free time to set up camp and have fun in the afternoon. We had chicken fingers in camp for dinner followed by orientation meetings for leaders and the opening campfire.
Merit Badge classes begin in the morning.
Monday: Today we started the regular schedule. Rising at 6:30 the boys spiffed up the camp for inspection and scored an 85 – pretty good, but we need to average 90 out of 100 for the top award. Breakfast was French toast and sausage followed by merit badge sessions until lunch. New lunch procedures were a real hit with very short lines at a number of kiosks. Most finished lunch before we would previously have been entering the mess hall. Micky did a great job teaching all the academic portions of the First Aid MB today, tomorrow the boys will finish the hands on portions. After that was free time until diner (chicken fried steak) and more free time later. We played field games, went swimming, played Frisbee golf, mountain biking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and board games in camp. Of course everyone didn’t do all of these, but all had fun.

Tuesday: The boys scored 95% on today’s inspection and are back on track for the streamer. After a full morning of merit badges and a quick turkey sandwich for lunch we finished the First Aid MB in camp and were able to start the handicraft drop in Merit badges. Looks like some of those projects may be getting finished at home. Today was Order of the Arrow (BSA national honor society) day at camp. Troop 2319 was called out in front of the entire camp to be presented with the OA Unit of Excellence Award. Less than 1% of all Troops nationally earn this award so we felt very honored to be publicly recognized.
Wednesday: Congratulations to the 6 adults who completed leadership training today! We will greatly benefit as a unit by being able to have multiple ASMs per patrol. The Scouts continued to work on advancements with the younger Scouts also completing the orienteering and 5 mile hike requirements. The 6 foot long, 2 inch diameter rat snake near the adult tents gave us a bit of excitement today. Scorpio came over from the nature lodge thrilled to add it to his collection. We scored 95 again on the camp site inspection. That combined with the older Scouts completing the Ranger campsite improvement project makes Honor Troop a virtual certainty. The boys are now focused on the top award of Scouting traditions. The adults not in training completed the geocaching course and other items to help toward that goal. We welcomed Nick and Greg to camp today. River and horse rides Thursday.
Thursday: What a full day! Many brave souls went to the lake for the polar bear plunge at 6am then dragged their shivering bodies to a breakfast of sausage biscuits. The inspection was an 88% today so our average currently stands at 90.25%. We need a 90% on Friday’s inspection or we will fall short of our goal and miss out on the award. Some of the Merit Badges are already complete. The rest should finish Friday morning except for the handicraft badges where the boys just ran out of time. Lunch was an adventure today. It was delivered to the kiosks late which led to a huge jam at load out for the horse rides and raft trips. After a short delay to ensure everyone was fed, most of the Troop boarded busses for their off camp activities. Devin led a battle bots team and took 2nd place out of about 20 teams. Many adventures were had and the boys can’t wait to tell you all about them. The late departure led to a late return, but the adults were able to enjoy a steak dinner and the boys were able to do open boating after dinner. Sugaring them all up with cobbler as I write this. Friday will be our last. The mile swim, inspection results and closing campfire look to be the highlights ahead.
Friday: Another glorious day at Woodruff. Too bad we have to come home – we are getting kind of used to this. Most merit badges were finished, but some are partials and will need to be completed in the coming weeks. We had a great showing at the mile swim and the camp wide games. The campfire was a bit anticlimactic though. Then we picked up our results. Did we do well on the inspection and earn the Scouting Traditions award? How much bling did we really earn? Adult awards will be presented Monday the rest you can find out from your triumphant Scout at pickup.
Full Photo Album:https://photos.app.goo.gl/LnBMJ6AqwYPBW5ou5

Highlights from the Week


Eagle Project

Eagle Project: Thomas W.

The troop might be getting ready to leave for Summer Camp tomorrow, but there’s always time to fit in a scout’s Eagle Project! Thomas spent the day leading his crews in developing a new section of nature trails and revitalizing some others at Unity North Atlanta. Great work Thomas, looking at some of the before and after pictures really shows how much work was done.

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Outings & Activities

Cycling MB – Ride 6

It was a hot out yesterday, but the Cycling Merit Badge crew still knocked out another 8 mile mountain biking ride. Way to go you guys, looks like you had an awesome time Blankets Creek! Only one more ride to go, but its the big 22 mile one… Good Luck!

(Click the image below for the full album of all past Cycling Merit Badge Rides)

Outings & Activities

May: Signs, Signals, & Codes

Troop 2319 headed to Bert Adams this past weekend to work on the Signs, Signals, & Codes Merit Badge, at it looks like all the scouts had a blast! They worked on signaling using mirrors &  flags, how to communicate in morse code, and what tons of different signs mean. Thank you so much to Opa for organizing the entire Merit Badge Class and thank you to all the other leaders and older scouts who helped act as instructors, we couldn’t have done it without you. The day didn’t stop there though, we had many of our OA scouts helping with the OA Day of Service and all the scouts ended Saturday by playing out it the woods. You couldn’t ask for a much better weekend trip!

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