2023-03-26: Troop Training Campout

This weekend was the troop training camp out at Camp Jameson.  For many this was their first-time camping with the troop. The day started with a little rain but our grub masters preserved and had breakfast ready. After breakfast the older scouts set up their classes in the pouring rain.  We were lucky to have a big pavilion to use.  The older scouts taught the Firem’n Chit, Totin Chit, First Aid Kits, Knots, and Flags to the younger scouts.  Many scouts are now ready to move to scout rank.  After classes we played some games in the field and the woodyard was open.  Time quickly passed and it was time for dinner and the campfire program.  Pranav hosted the campfire program which was enjoyed by all.  We then started a game of manhunt which was unfortunately interrupted.  We were notified that severe weather was on the way overnight and we would have to immediately pack up and leave camp.  By 10pm the entire troop was packed and ready to depart.  We headed back to Highland Plaza for a late night unloading of the trailer.  Everyone had a great time despite the campout being cut short.

Troop Historian
Mitchell A.

We also want to quickly shout out Doug P. who decided to use some of his free time to learn about Fire Pistons, made his own char cloth, and was able to actually get a fire started from a Fire Piston. Not an easy task to say the least. Great use of you free time Doug!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Zh7jZgd8otT7kypU9