Eagle Project

Eagle Project: Thomas W.

The troop might be getting ready to leave for Summer Camp tomorrow, but there’s always time to fit in a scout’s Eagle Project! Thomas spent the day leading his crews in developing a new section of nature trails and revitalizing some others at Unity North Atlanta. Great work Thomas, looking at some of the before and after pictures really shows how much work was done. (click the image below for the full album)

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Cycling MB – Ride 6

It was a hot out yesterday, but the Cycling Merit Badge crew still knocked out another 8 mile mountain biking ride. Way to go you guys, looks like you had an awesome time Blankets Creek! Only one more ride to go, but its the big 22 mile one… Good Luck! (Click the image below for the full album of all past Cycling Merit Badge Rides)

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May: Signs, Signals, & Codes

Troop 2319 headed to Bert Adams this past weekend to work on the Signs, Signals, & Codes Merit Badge, at it looks like all the scouts had a blast! They worked on signaling using mirrors &  flags, how to communicate in morse code, and what tons of different signs mean. Thank you so much to Opa for organizing the entire Merit Badge Class and thank you to all the other leaders and older scouts who helped act as instructors, we couldn’t have done it without you. The day didn’t stop there though, we had many of our OA scouts helping with the OA Day of Service and all the scouts ended Saturday by playing out it the woods. You couldn’t ask for a much better weekend trip! (click the image below for the full album)

Eagle Scout

Eagle COH: David R.

Congratulations David R! Although your project has been done for a while, it was great that we were finally able to properly congratulate and you at your Eagle Court of Honor this past weekend. It was wonderful ceremony with lots of great picture from your years in scouting. Congratulations again on completing your trail to eagle and thank you for letting Troop 2319 be a part of your journey. Well done!  

Eagle Project

Eagle Project: Jay W.

While much of the troop was out camping this past weekend, Jay W. did an amazing job leading his remaining fellow scouts at his Eagle Project at Unity. Jay’s to refresh the nature trails behind Unity’s Organic Garden involved getting a seriously massive pile of mulch spread, fixing up some of the trail edges, moving in some recently built benches, and clearing out a fallen tree. Great Work Jay, the area looks great and it looks like the trails are ready for more heavy use this summer. Well done Jay, it looks like your project went very smoothly! (click the image below for the full album)  

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April: Stone Door & Philmont Prep Hike

Troop 2319 headed up to Tennessee this past weekend to camp and hike in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area with some of the highlights being Laurel Falls, Greeter Falls Waterfall, and of course the Stone Door! Things were a little rainy Saturday morning but quickly cleared up. Although everyone camping in the same site, this trip actually had a split purpose. For most of the troop it was a great new location for day hikes, but for the crew heading to Philmont, it was another intense weekend training weekend including packing out Saturday morning for a long hike, returning in the evening and setting back up, and then breaking down and having another quick hike Sunday morning to get in the rhythm. Judging from the photos, it seems the nearly 40 people on the trip had a really great weekend with some pretty amazing views! (click the image below for the full album)

Outings & Activities

Pensacola Trip

Several families headed down to Pensacola earlier this week for what proved to be an interesting trip.  The trip was a little bit chaotic at times with plan changing rapidly dependent on weather and policy changes, but everyone was really flexible and it all worked out in the end. Scouts got to spend a good amount of time at the beach on Wednesday and Thursday, spent the morning on Thursday exploring Historic Fort Pickens, and even squeeze in a campfire. Friday was a bit more interesting, with extremely gusting winds in the morning (the troop might need a new white canopy) and intermittent rain, the group opted to head into town and go to a couple escape rooms! However with extremely high winds, hail, and rain forecast for early hours Saturday morning, we ended up cutting the trip a little short and bugging out late Friday night. Even with last minute changes, I think everyone had a good time, and getting to play at the beach in the sun on a scout trip was a nice change of pace.

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Troop Training Campout

The troop had an absolutely amazing time at the March Troop Training Campout! We had tons of scouts earn their Firem’n Chits and Totin’ Chips that we ran out of cards! Scouts also had lots of time to work on knots, fire making, cooking, and general scout skills! But we didn’t work all day, in the afternoon, the troop Kubb sets were again very busy. The weather was just about perfect as the rain held out all day Saturday and just long enough for the troop to depart Sunday morning. Overall, I don’t think we could have asked for a better weekend. (click the image below for the full album)

Eagle Project

Eagle Project: Aiden L.

The troop had another great eagle project yesterday. Aiden L. lead his teams in the building of six addition benches at Unity North for added benches around the labyrinth as well as to replace some of the deteriorating benches. Way to go Aiden, great work! (Click the image below to see the full album)