2023-09-15: SpaceX

The weekend, we headed to Bert Adams for a weekend of rocket launching! We had a ton of fun building our rockets on Saturday Morning with the help of copious amounts of glue. After lunch it we returned to the field to see who’s would go the highest. Some went more sideways than up, and the weather moved in until we were eventually launching it what was clearly rain, but it was still a fantastic afternoon! Huge shout out and thank you to our RSOs for the weekend Mr. Kolluri & Mr. Leftwich who braved the rain and kept helping scouts get their rockets off the ground regardless of the weather! We finished up by policing the field to collect the dozens of spent rocket motors and headed back to our campsite for a evening of good food and campfire program. Despite the rain, it was still a pretty awesome weekend. Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/D8SLJ1tB8NqxUKBn6


Feb. Geocaching at Chickamauga

The troop headed up north to Chickamauga Battle field this past weekend. Chickamauga  definitely has to be one of our favorite places to camp! All the scouts got in 5-8 miles of hiking as they headed out and around the battle field, using their geocaching coordinates to locate different monuments and statues. The scouts even collected garbage and refuse along their way to make sure we left the trails better than we found them! The weather during the day couldn’t have been better with it being sunny and just warm enough to lose jackets in the afternoon. Overnight temps were a little chilly with a few scouts learning the importance of layers and just because a sleeping bag is rated for 32°F, doesn’t mean you’ll be comfortable or happy at those temps without extra insulation! Check out some highlights below or head to the full album link to see al the great photos from the weekend. Full Album Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HyDeeXU4CWzAJ1Yw8  


Graduate Spotlight – Nick McFadden

It is a special time for Troop 2319. Nick McFadden, Eagle Scout & Assistant Scoutmaster, is a 2020 Graduate from Pope High School!  Congratulations Nick! We are all so very proud of you. We know you will go on to do great things in college and we look forward to seeing you visit us when you can

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Advancement Spotlight – Aayan S.

Scouting Continues! We have had many scouts make great progress in their scouting journey and we wanted to share these achievements with you all. Today we congratulate Aayan S for earning his Scout Rank! Well done Aayan! #ScoutingContinues Part of our tradition for new scouts in our troop is that they receive a solid purple neckerchief.  Once they reach scout rank they trade that in for the Troop neckerchief with the Troop logo!

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Don’t Miss Out on our Weekly Challenge with Prizes!

Calling all Troop 2319 Scouts! We as leaders have challenged all 2319 scouts to see who has the perfect campsite setup! The task is simple: Set up your tent or camping solution in your backyard Include any other camping gear you would have for your ideal campsite Both Youth AND Adults can Participate and will be judged separately! Head over to http://troop2319.com/scoutingcontinues/campsitesetup/ for more details and the submission form.  



We had a great time tonight, helping Crossover several new scouts from Pack 1714 to Troop 2319. We’re glad you chose our troop and are looking forward to seeing you all at our troop meetings on Monday nights at 7:30 and are especially happy that some of you have opted to join us on our next troop camp out tomorrow! Great Job everyone.


Webelos Visit!

We had a great time with all our various Webelos who came to visit. Its always a lot of fun getting to know the next group of scouts who will hopefully cross over into our troop. For fun, we even ran one of my favorite activities, chariot races! The goal is to lash poles to chairs that are strong enough to carry your team mates. It a great way to practice your lashings and have fun!