Citizenship in the Nation


I will do my best to do my duty to God and my
country, and to help other people at all times.

Knowing our nation’s history gives an appreciation for it, what it provides, the sacrifices made, and what can be done to protect it. Every scout should know their rights, duties, and obligations as a citizen. The Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge will walk you through our nations history, the principals it was founded on, and the rights and duties of every United States of America Citizen.

NOTE: This Merit Badge is being conducted as group. Part I was completed during our virtual troop meeting on 3/16/2020. Part II is scheduled for 3/23/2020 after which the Part II video will be uploaded and embed on this page for individual  work. 


**Important** The National Archives is hosting  “Charter of Freedom: Building a More Perfect Union” webinar on March 26th! If you are working on the Cit In the Nation MB, this would be amazing to tune in to! Click here fore more info and don’t forget to like the Troop Page on Facebook.


Requirements to do on your own:

  • Requirement #2 –  Visit two federal locations (check MB book for restrictions)
  • Requirement #3 – Watch and record the national news for 5 days. Choose one issue and elaborate how it affects you and your family
  • Requirement #8 – Name your two Senators and a member of congress from your congressional district and write a letter or email to them regarding a national issue and your onions on it. Keep a copy to share with your MB Counselor as well as any reply. 

Requirements Covered Together:

This merit badge is currently being worked on in a group manor with part one being completed at the virtual troop meeting on 3/16/2020 and part two being scheduled for the virtual troop meeting on 3/23/2020.

Part I:

    • Requirement #1 – Explain Citizenship (slides 4-6)
    • Requirement #4 – Discuss National Document 
        • Declaration of Independence (slides 16-19)
        • Preamble to the Constitution (slide 20)
        • The Constitution (slide 21)
        • Bill of Rights  (slides 22-32)
        • Amendments to the Constitution (slide 33)


Part II:

    • Requirement #5 – Six functions of government  (slides 42-44)
    • Requirement #6 – Speech of national importance (slides 45-49)
    • Requirement #7 – Three branches of government (slides 50)



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