Who Can Tie It Faster

This weeks challenge will be a knot tying challenge and is open to any Troop 2319 scout! Each scout will be timed while tying three (3) knots.

How to Play

To submit an entry, you must have your parent take a short video of you tying each of the three knots.

  • You will need a piece of rope/string for each of the three knots as well as something to tie the clove hitch around (Tip: you can tie a clove hitch around any part of most chairs/chair legs)
  • You will be timed from the moment you start tying your first knot until you finish tying your last knot
  • After all three knots have been tied, you must hold each one up to the camera for inspection of correctness (this part of the video is not timed)
  • Submit your video by March 29th, 2020 @ 11:59 PM

Grand Prize – No Winner This Week

This week, there will be one winner. The winner will be presented with a Golden Woggle for their neckerchief to indicate that they are supreme when it comes to knot tying!


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