Scouting Realms

Scouting Realms is a great game to play with your patrol, troop, friends.  It is an infinitely scalable game that 10 or 100 people (or more) can play at once with just one person rolling a set of 6 sided dice.

Scouting Realms is based on Rolling Realms by Stonemaier Games, who created this amazing game for folks to play while having to be remote.  THANK YOU Stonemaier Games!

Each player will need to download and print the Scouting Realms Score Sheet. Once you have printed the score sheet, you can watch the video below to learn the basics of the rules.

Live feed for the Atlanta Area Council’s Georgia Backyard Campout:  Scouting Realms play along at 10AM & 3PM on Saturday April 25th

Watch and play along with this video of our Facebook Live Session!

Session 2 of our live play along!