Jeremy Andre

Senior Patrol Leader: Jeremy Andre

 March 2020 – March 2021

Hello there! May name is Jeremy Andre, and if it weren’t obvious, I am your current SPL, along with 2 amazing ASPLs, Dylan Woodcock and Michael Carlin. I’ve been in scouts since second grade at Mountain View Elementary Pack 1714. Now I attend Hightower Trail (Go Huskies!). I am 13 and working on Life to Eagle. SPL will be my third leadership position. Formerly I was ASPL, and before that Patrol Leader.

As SPL, there is a lot I would like to get done. One of my biggest goals is to have classes more frequently at meetings. This will allow new scouts to pass off ranks and allow older scouts to practice their scout skills. I would also like to increase the parts that scouts play in camping if at all possible.