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Advancement Spotlight – Jay W.

Scouting Continues! Our next Advancement Spotlight is for Jay W. Congratulations on completing the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge! Well done! #ScoutingContinues   Check out how he improvised a shelter out of all natural materials and how he was able to start an emergency fire using only a magnifying glass, some lint, and a lot of patience. Great job Jay!    

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Advancement Spotlight – Aayan S.

Scouting Continues! We have had many scouts make great progress in their scouting journey and we wanted to share these achievements with you all. Today we congratulate Aayan S for earning his Scout Rank! Well done Aayan! #ScoutingContinues Part of our tradition for new scouts in our troop is that they receive a solid purple neckerchief.  Once they reach scout rank they trade that in for the Troop neckerchief with the Troop logo!