2022-04-24: Troop Training Campout

This weekend, a very fun campout took place at camp Westin… The troop training campout! During this campout older scouts had the opportunity to teach younger scouts a class/lesson as well as the younger scouts got to learn the needed (and useful) skills to get a bunch of requirements done and signed off. On Saturday the day started up slow and normal (like any other campout). However, this was just pretense to what a chill and cool day it would turn out to be. After breakfast everyone headed up to the field for flags/the hoisting of the beautiful star-spangled banner. After that, everyone got ready and prepped. The older scouts set up and got help for the respective class(es) they were teaching, then it was action time and everyone got to work! After an hour or two, it was time for a quick bite of lunch. Then those who were finished joined others at the field for the literal “Hunger games” of soccer. World cup was a blast, and everyone had a great time. Time quickly passed and it was then time for dinner and the awesome campfire program. Garv led the campfire program and after that everyone played manhunt. Finally, it was a very chill and breezy Saturday night. On Sunday, the scouts spiffed up the campout after a quick breakfast and then loaded up the trailer and headed home! Overall, this weekend was a very fun and nice campout for the scouts that made it!

Pranav K.
Troop Historian

Check out the highlights below or click the link to see the full album of photos!
Full Album: https://bit.ly/TroopTraining22