April: Stone Door & Philmont Prep Hike

Troop 2319 headed up to Tennessee this past weekend to camp and hike in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area with some of the highlights being Laurel Falls, Greeter Falls Waterfall, and of course the Stone Door! Things were a little rainy Saturday morning but quickly cleared up. Although everyone camping in the same site, this trip actually had a split purpose. For most of the troop it was a great new location for day hikes, but for the crew heading to Philmont, it was another intense weekend training weekend including packing out Saturday morning for a long hike, returning in the evening and setting back up, and then breaking down and having another quick hike Sunday morning to get in the rhythm. Judging from the photos, it seems the nearly 40 people on the trip had a really great weekend with some pretty amazing views!

(click the image below for the full album)