Aug: Wildlife Action

This past weekend, Troop 2319, headed to Wildlife Action of Georgia with exuberance. It was absolutely  apparent by the happy looks on everyone’s faces. Everyone was involved in one activity or the other and had most amazing time bonding and doing group activities. Everyone had astounding time playing games like cornhole and kubb, fishing in the lake near our campsite and spending leisure time  with their fellow scouts. We had a phenomenal  campfire put on but our very own SPL Zayne Nair. We had several skits from the talented scouts and also a dance off between three scouts that represented each of our groups. As the day came to an end on Saturday, the scouts played it out in a game of Manhunt. If that wasn’t enough, there was something still waiting for the sweet tooths. We ended the night with scoops of cobbler,  which was like a cherry on top. All in all you couldn’t ask for a better campout!! One more campout etched in our memories.
Garv S.
Troop Historian

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