SpaceX Troop Campout

It looks like the scouts had a great weekend at Woodruff working on the SpaceX Merit Badge. It was bit cold and rainy arriving on Friday night, but the weather cleared and was just about perfect all day Saturday. Even with such a large group, the scouts were all able to get their model rockets made in the morning and after lunch, we had a marathon launch event. Even with three launchers running and scouts firing off rockets every few minutes, with scouts being able to launch their rockets up to four times (assuming the rockets survived that long) we were still launching for a couple of hours! It says a lot that all the scouts got to watch and launch so many rockets that attention started to waver towards the end of the launch cadence. We rounded out the afternoon with multiple rounds of Kubb, a game that by the looks of it, is going to quickly become a favorite of the troop. Saturday finished out with scouts cooking up some delicious dinners and more importantly desserts! Even with the long day Saturday, scouts were efficient and helpful Sunday morning not only getting their own gear packed, but all the troop gear as well as policing the campsites. Couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

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