Wilderness Survival Campout

This past weekend, the troop had a fantastic weekend working on the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. We left around 5:30 Friday and when got there, the scouts did a great job and were able to get the main campsite setup and build their survival shelters. The scouts stayed out in their shelters overnight and showed they had what it took to survive in the wilderness. On Saturday we reviewed what should be included in a personal survival kit, multiple methods for purifying water and when each method should be used, and worked on starting fires using methods other than matches or lighters. We had some light showers in the afternoon, but everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with time for work and relaxation. The temperatures dropped to below 40 degrees on Saturday night, but all the scouts woke up easily on Sunday morning allowing the troop to get packed up for an on time return. Overall a great weekend! Check out a couple highlights below and then follow the link to see all the great shelters the scouts were able to put together this weekend!


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