Pet Care Merit Badge



1. Present evidence that you have cared for a pet for four months. * (Requirements State specifically that work done for other merit badges, For Instance Dog Care & Reptiles & Amphibian Study cannot be used for this requirement.)

2. Write in 200 words or more about the care, feeding, and housing of your pet. Tell some interesting facts about it. Tell why you have this kind of pet. Give local laws, if any, relating to the pet you keep.  Email your report to Mrs. Shumpert or your Troop’s Merit Badge Counselor.

3. Show that you have read a book or pamphlet, approved by your counselor, about your kind of pet. Discuss with your counselor what you have learned from what you read.

Step 1 – Before you start – Email the name, or a link to or, or a picture of or some other reference to the book or pamphlet or reputable website reference regarding your kind of pet. Wikipedia will not count.

Step 2 – After you have read your information set up a conference call to discuss the information that you read with your counselor.  Your parent or guardian or other trusted adult must be in the room during your call to meet 2-deep leadership requirements, but this is your merit badge and your discussion with your merit badge counselor so it’s important that you and your merit counselor discuss what you read.  Don’t look to your adult for input, and parents, do your best to let your scout take the lead!  

4. Do any ONE of the following:

A. Show your pet in a pet show.
B. Start a friend raising a pet like yours. Help your friend get a good start.
C. Train a pet in three or more tricks or special abilities.

While you are welcome to do any of the three, during Quarantine, part C is probably the easiest, because we all have a little more time with our pets.  When most people think about training pets many people think about dogs, but don’t limit yourself! Birds, cats, even fish, reptiles and amphibians can all be trained to show different skills when asked, we just need to get a bit creative.  Think about the skills that they can already do and work with them to do those skills for a reward when asked. They can move through a hoop, or come to the spot every time to eat when you show them a sign. Get to know what your pet can do, teach them to do some skills when asked and show me.  You can record it and send Mrs. Shumpert or your own Counselor an email with the video all at once or as they show each skill. It’s up to you.