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February Update

Troop 2319 was very busy this past weekend. We had scouts in 3 different locations and two different state, a first for our Troop! We had several of our older more experienced scouters out hiking, getting closer to earning the Backpacking Merit Badge with each step and the bulk of the rest of the scouts went dump camping at Camp Westin on Lake Allatoona. We even had several of our Inaugural Crossovers with us. That’s right, they crossed over into Boy Scouts on Thursday and came out camping with us on Cold Weather Camp Out the very next day. Way to go! We even had a scout in Alabama attending a Leave No Trace Training day and we’re excited for him to bring his new and refreshed knowledge back to the troop. check out some pictures of the Backpacking and Cold Weather Camping weekends below.

February Backpacking:

Cold Weather Camping at Camp Westin:


Outings & Activities

Scout Sunday 2/3/19

On 2/3/19 our Troop 2319 celebrated a very special Scout Sunday service with our Chartered Org Unity North Atlanta. The Troop assisted with the service providing a color guard, opening prayer, and shared the Scout Oath & Law with the congregation. After the service we gathered for fellowship with the members of Unity and enjoyed great conversations about scouting! Check out some of the pictures from the event.

Outings & Activities

Camp Sidney Dew

The troop had a great time at Camp Sidney Dew this weekend. For some scouts, this was the first experience with cold weather camping, but everyone seemed to stay warm and have fun. Most of the scouts worked on their Emergency Preparedness merit badge in the morning and then spent the afternoon exploring this fantastic scout camp. Click below to see all the pictures and pay special attention to “Venturing Treehouses”


Court of Honor Dec ’18

It’s hard to believe we are already having our second court of honor as a troop. It seems like we just held one and already, scouts have earned enough to warrant holding another one. Great work scouts!! As is our new tradition, Unity allowed us to hold our CoH in their main sanctuary, shout out to Unity for letting us use such an awesome space for this! A lot happened at this CoH besides the usual badges and awards generally given out. We had the pleasure of announcing that even though we have only been in existence for half the year, we were able to achieve a GOLD JTE score, we also borught in and donated a ton of bears for a fundraising that Unity was heading up, and our Unit Commissioner, Mike Lotz, and District Director, Jacquelyn Alford were both in attendance. Thank you to everyone who made this happen! That includes thanks to the district and parents for supporting us and a big thanks to all the scouts who took the leap and helped us form our new unit. Done of this would be possible without all of you!

Outings & Activities

Escalade Climbing Lock In

For our Troop’s December outing, we had a wonderful time at Escalade Rock Climbing Gym where we had a lock in and numerous scouts had the opportunity to finish the climbing merit badge! We had a great turn out and whether they came out to climb or just sit around and play games, everyone had a great time. What could be better than staying up late, climbing all night with all the pizza and Gatorade you could drink? check out some great picks buy clicking the image below.

Outings & Activities

Brain Camp

Several scouts attended Brain Camp, a safety based event put on by out Charter Org Safe America, and it loos like it was a lot of fun! There were a lot of interesting talks by first ponderers as well as dozens of booths from a wide range of safety based organizations promoting everything fro safe driving to healthy living habits!

Outings & Activities


The troop had a great weekend at Camporall up at Woodruff Scout Camp. The weather was a bit on the colder side, but it was bright and sunny. There were lots of great activities and even a dedicated board/card game area with giant jenga! We had a ton of Weebelos from several packs join us this year and we look forward to seeing many of them at crossover. We ended the night in the main amphitheater and after awards, prizes, and a BIG campfire, we even got to watch a movie on a giant outdoor movie screen.

Outings & Activities

Trunk or Treat

Unity North held their annual Trunk or Treat event tonight. It was a little damp out, but everyone persevered and made it work. Troop 2319 came out and setup a booth with candy for the kinds and in true troop tradition, coffee for the adults.  It was really cool to meet so many people from Unity at one of their events.