SPL Corner

Senior Patrol Leader: Michael Carlin

May 2023 – Present

Howdy, I’m Xan Mihill, the SPL of troop 2319. I am 15 years old and attend Lassiter high school where I play the oboe in the Lassiter high school band. I’ve been in scouting since I was in first grade and am currently a Life Scout. I’ve served in a couple leadership positions before being SPL; I was the librarian, OA rep, troop guide, and ASPL. I’ve also served leadership positions outside of the troop in the OA I have been the Kennesaw chapter chief, the brotherhood chair, and the lodge Chaplin’s aide

As SPL I want to make meetings more interactive and get more involvement from patrols as a whole by involving them in the meeting planning process and getting their inputs on what meetings they want to see

Troop Meeting/Campout Idea Submission Form: https://forms.gle/LFTFsatxvZs4Pug78

Request to Teach a Class Form: https://forms.gle/JugyaJLS49vKzjn2A

Previous Senior Patrol Leaders

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May 2023 – Present – Xan Mihill