SPL Corner

Senior Patrol Leader: Michael Carlin

August 2022 – Present

Hey everyone!  I’m Michael Carlin, the SPL of Troop 2319. I’ve been a scout for 9+ years, going from a tiger cub to an Eagle Scout. In that time, I’ve been able go places like Philmont, Sea Base, NYLT, NOAC,  and work on Woodruff Summer Camp staff this past summer. I’ve served in various leadership roles such as Troop Guide, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Troop Instructor. I’m also the Media and Publications Chair for Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge and the Vice President of Administration for the Atlanta Area Council Venturing Officers Association.

As SPL, I want to give the scouts the opportunity to visit amazing and diverse places while learning scout skills. I think the most valuable skill that a scout can learn is good leadership, and I want to make sure that I provide an environment for the scouts to grow as leaders while having fun along the way.

Troop Meeting/Campout Idea Submission Form: https://forms.gle/LFTFsatxvZs4Pug78

Request to Teach a Class Form: https://forms.gle/JugyaJLS49vKzjn2A


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