Campouts & Activities

Troop 2319 plans to have at least one overnight outdoor activity each month. The elected SPL with the help of the youth leadership create a plan of what they would like to do. Some outdoor activities will be planned around a particular merit badge or rank advancement skill while others will just be for some fun in the great outdoors! Once the youth leaders have decided on what outings and activities they would like to have, they propose them to the troop committee and then it is up to us to get the reservations in place so the SPL and his leadership team can execute their plan!

Check Out Some of Our Past Events

July 2018 – Troop Picnic

August 2018 – Cohutta Fishing Campout

September 2018 – Fall Court of Honor

September 2018 – Camp 175

October 2018 – Wilderness Survival Campout

October 2018 – Webelos Visit!

October 2018 – Trunk or Treat with Unity North

October 2018 – Halloween Party

November 2018 – Camporall

November 2018 – Brain Camp

December 2018 – Escalade Climbing Lock-In

December 2018 – Winter Court of Honor

January 2019 – Backpacking

January 2019 – Camp Sidney Dew

February 2019 – Crossover

February 2019 – Backpacking

February 2019 – Camp Westin

March 2019 – Court of Honor

March 2019 – Scout Challenge

March 2019 – Unity North Annual Meeting

April 2019 – Wildlife Action

May 2019 – Chickamauga – Cit. in the Nation