2020-08-28: Camp Westin

The troop had an amazing time out at Camp Westin this weekend! You could definitely tell that EVERYONE was excited to be out and camping again. Many of our newer scouts worked on or refreshed their knowledge of first aid, fire building, and ax and knife safety. We even had a paper airplane making competition just for the fun of it!!

I want to give a shot out to all the scouts who attended, you guys did an fantastic job making sure we stayed safe throughout the weekend. It definitely isn’t fun having to wear a mask nearly 24/7, especially when its that hot out. Good job pushing through and staying safe!

We ended out outing with our usual Thorns & Roses. Several scouts had thorns that it was so hot and humid, but at the end, we all had a little chuckle when the latest addition to our scouting family (a family who recently moved here from Florida) had a rose that the weather was the perfect temperature and not too muggy! Just goes to show that a lot of things that seem unpleasant really aren’t that bad when you look at the bigger picture.

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