2022-03-25: Wilderness Survival

This weekend was a very long-awaited and requested campout: Wilderness Survival!! On this campout the scouts that attended were able to get the requirements for the wilderness survival merit badge. As well as, probably the most hyped up and fun event of the campout; making a shelter/ sleeping in it for a night. On top of that, everyone learned how to make fire with various methods. One of these such methods was using a magnifying glass?!? Then, it was time to get to the hot topic which was building the shelter. Dylan and Michael split everyone into two groups to explain how to build the shelters. We also got to see some popular build methods such as: teepees, funnel builds, and everyone’s favorite because of the consistency, Mineshafts other wise known as the simple canopy. Overall, this campout was a really fun and cool campout to have been at, aside from the cold it was no surprise that this was a highly awaited campout!!

Pranav K.
Troop Historian

Check out the highlights below or click the link to see the full album of photos!
Full Album: https://bit.ly/WindyWaters2022