Robert ‘Scorpio’ Carlin

          July 2018 – Sept 2018

Hi! My name is Robert Carlin, better known as Scorpio, and I am the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) of Troop 2319. I am 14 and have been in Boy Scouts for the past 4 years and I was a Cub Scout for 5 years before that. You can typically find me by either looking for a tall guy with glasses and wearing a green Australian style hat. Or you could just yell out Scorpio. That’s what most people do. If you have any questions about anything just ask. If I don’t know the answer, I probably know someone who does. I enjoy scouting because of the amazing experiences that can come from it. In the past six months alone, I have gone canoeing for 5 days in Canada, built a giant catapult, and attended several service projects.

My mission statement as SPL is that I want to help everyone work on advancement. I want to make sure that all new scouts earn at least one rank while I am SPL and that the older scouts are helping them to do so. Another part of my mission is that I want everyone to have learned something that they will remember while still having fun. Specifically, I want to focus on First Aid and Nature, since both of those are skills that you can use in everyday life. Besides, many of those skills are ones that Boy Scouts have been learning for years, and still are as important today as they were then. I also want to focus on camping. Camping is one of the biggest parts of Boy Scouts and something that everybody should do more often. While on campouts, I want to continue the theme of learning while still having fun.