Campsite Setup Challenge Update

Thank to everyone who participated in the at home campsite setup challenge! We saw a lot of great setups. Congratulations to: Youth First Prize: Sam P. The Winner will receive a Squadlocker Troop 2319 Class B Youth Second Prize: Chris W. The runner up will receive a Troop 2319 Frisbee Don’t forget to head to head over to the Scouting Continues page to see the current weeks challenge and all the other great online learning opportunities! In the meantime, check out a few of the great backyard campsite setups that were submitted!    

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Don’t Miss Out on our Weekly Challenge with Prizes!

Calling all Troop 2319 Scouts! We as leaders have challenged all 2319 scouts to see who has the perfect campsite setup! The task is simple: Set up your tent or camping solution in your backyard Include any other camping gear you would have for your ideal campsite Both Youth AND Adults can Participate and will be judged separately! Head over to for more details and the submission form.  


Scout Picture Day ’20!

Scout pictures are in and they look fantastic again! We’re all super excited that this has become a new annual tradition of Troop 2319 and can’t wait to get to look back at these in a few years. Just check out the snippet below to see how great they look and check your email as the full album link will be sent out shortly.  


Welcome Pack 417!

Last night, Troop 2319 welcomed our latest crossovers to our troop from Pack 417. Congratulations on the achievement, we look forward to being part of your trail to Eagle! (Click the collage below to see the full album)


Automotive Maintenance MB at Porsche

Porsche offered the Automotive Maintenance MB again and it looks like it was an amazing time! There’s no other place where scouts are going to get the chance to actually see and work on all the inner components of Porsche. How cool! (click the collage below for the full album)

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David Ripley: Work Day

Over the weekend, scouts from 2319 led by David Ripley, who is working on his Eagle Scout Project, assembled 8 new benches for UNA! Our Troop is blessed to be part of the UNA family and we can’t wait to see what the next Eagle Project @ Unity North Atlanta will be! Congratulations and great work David, you had a good plan that was well executed to get the job done!

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Eagle Project: David R.

Are you looking to earn some service hours? David Ripley will be holding is Eagle Project work day this Saturday, Feb 22! Check out the flyer below (you can click on it for a printable version) and don’t forget to sign up so David can plan and knows who to expect! Sign Up:


Crossover Pack 1714

An excited group of AOL Scouts from Pack 1714 crossed over into Troop 2319 last Thursday night. Congratulations on your transition from Cub Scouts into a Scouts BSA Troop. Welcome to the troop, we’re so happy to be part of our journey on the long trail to Eagle! (click the image below to see the full album) *If you have photos from Pack 1417’s Crossover and would like to share them, please email [email protected] for sharing instructions


Crossover Pack 1417

Troop 2319 is super excited to welcome our new crossovers from Pack 1417! Last night we welcomed eight new scouts from Pack 1417 from Davis Elementary to join our Troop. We’re happy to be part of your scouting trial to Eagle and look forward to getting to know all of you at our upcoming campouts and meetings! (click the image below to see the full album. More & higher quality pictures will be added soon!) *If you have photos from Pack 1417’s Crossover and would like to share them, please email [email protected] for sharing instructions  

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Troop 2319 Earns the OA Unit of Excellence for 2019!

On behalf of Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge of the Order of the Arrow, I want to congratulate Troop 2319 on having earned the Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence Award for 2019.  This is a unique and distinctive honor as less than 1% of all the troops, crews and ships in the BSA earn this award each year.  Within our Lodge the award has only been presented six times since 2012.  Only two other units earned the award for 2019. Thank you to all the OA Youth and Adults who helped make this possible by attending OA Functions, planning troop events so they don’t overlap with the Lodge schedule, and overall just proving that Troop 2319 doesn’t just claim to support the Order of the Arrow, it actually stands behind it! Receiving the OA Unit of Excellence is a great honor from the National Honor Society of Scouting.  For more information about the OA Unit of Excellence, you can check out Again thank you to everyone who helped Troop 2319 be the only troop in the district to earn this award and one of three in the council to received it for 2019. Congratulations!!


Congratulations on the new ranks!

The pace of advancement never ceases to amaze me at Troop 2319. In 1 night we had 4 scouts get awarded new ranks! If this is any indication, our March Court of Honor is going to be jam packed with ranks, awards, and recognition! For now, we say congratulations to: Sebastian on earning Tenderfoot Everest on earning 2nd Class Cavin on earning Star Garv on earning First Class Click the college below to see all our great “miscellaneous” photos and join the album to get notifications when new photos are added! And check out our “Hope for Humanity” circles that are going to be incorporated into Unity North Atlanta’s 2020 Global Mandala! Click here to find the best time to come stop by and check out the entire Mandala before it’s gone!


Service at Unity

Thank you to everyone who came and helped our Charter Org Unity get all the chairs moved and space reconfigured in their main sanctuary in preparation for setting up their 2020 Global Mandala: Hope for Humanity! It takes a lot of work to get all those chairs moved and reset, the church was very thankful for your help. Great Work! Don’t forget to come stop by and see the Mandala.


Important Moments

Along with all the outing photo albums, Troop 2319 also likes to try and capture the special moments in our scouters’ journeys. To that end, we have a “miscellaneous” photo album that helps us aggregate and share these moments. The most recent additions are some wonderful scouts getting presented their new ranks after successfully completing their Boards of Review! As always, you can click the collage to see all the miscellaneous photos we’ve aggregated over the years. If you currently have or take any photos of these important milestones in the future, please email them to [email protected] or upload them to Google Drive and share the folder. Thank you everyone who has helped capture photos like these! (ahem… Steve Carlin)


Crossovers – Pack 471

Welcome to Troop 2319! Last night we welcomed five new scouts from Pack 471 to join our Troop! We’re happy to be part of your scouting trial to Eagle and look forward to getting to know all of you at our upcoming campouts and meetings!

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OA Induction

Troop 2319 would like to congratulate Jeremy A. on completing his Ordeal this past weekend to become a member in the Order of the Arrow. Next time you see him, be sure to congratulate him! Troop 2319 also had numerous other members attend the Induction this past weekend who helped out from serving as Elangomats, to Ceremony Support, to Camp Staff, and Service Project Volunteers. Thank you to all who attended, together we helped the OA Lodge complete over 450 hours of service for Bert Adams Scout Camp. With all the work that was completed this past weekend, we have cut down the amount of work for the Bert Adams Rangers by nearly a month! You can check out photos from the weekend by clicking the collage below.