2022-11-11: Indian Springs Biking Campout

Just as the sun was going down, the troop packed up to head south to Indian Springs, GA for a biking filled weekend! Although it was pitch black when we arrived, scouts were quick to get their personal gear and troop gear setup so they could gather around a fire before heading to bed. Saturday turned out to be a perfect day with most of the scouts and adults heading out just after breakfast for their 15 mile ride. Getting back sooner than expected just after lunch, scouts split into smaller groups for some additional rides before everyone regrouped for dinner and campfire program put on by Will L. Sunday morning was a cold one, hover just above freezing, but our SPL Michael roused the scouts, to get breakfasts made, gear torn down, and the enormous campsite policed before heading out. What a great trip to a new place!

Full Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hX2WDzfU82gneCUb6