Outings & Activities

Escalade Climbing Lockin

Troop 2319 had a great time over the weekend at our annual lockin at Escalade Climbing Gym! The scouts had fun and got to climb into the early morning hours. Even after the climbing was done, nearly all of the scouts continue playing games, and having fun for several more hours. Click the collage below to see the full album of photos for the lockin!


Crossovers – Pack 471

Welcome to Troop 2319! Last night we welcomed five new scouts from Pack 471 to join our Troop! We’re happy to be part of your scouting trial to Eagle and look forward to getting to know all of you at our upcoming campouts and meetings!

Court of Honor

December Court of Honor

Troop 2319 held it’s final Court of Honor of the year this past Monday, December 9th. Our Master of Ceremonies, Ben M., did a fantastic time leading our program! Thank you to all who attended and helped congratulate our scouts on the: 25+ Merit Badges Earned 12 New Ranks Awarded 4 Boy Scout World Conservation Emblems Presented 10 Emergency Preparedness Pins Given Out 7 Kayaking Emblems Finished 3 Powered Horn Completions And 7 Scouts Received at least one segment towards The National Outdoor Achievement Award Our Troop OA Representative also gave us a quick annual recap of our troop’s contribution to the OA Chapter & Lodge. In total, our troop has provided over 300 hours of community service to the Lodge & Community and has continued to be the most active troop in the district in the OA by far! I think it’s safe to say that it’s been very busy at Troop 2319 over the last 3 months! Again, congratulations to all our scouts on everything they have achieved! Click the image collage below to check out the full album of Court of Honor photos.