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Don’t Miss Out on our Weekly Challenge with Prizes!

Calling all Troop 2319 Scouts! We as leaders have challenged all 2319 scouts to see who has the perfect campsite setup! The task is simple: Set up your tent or camping solution in your backyard Include any other camping gear you would have for your ideal campsite Both Youth AND Adults can Participate and will be judged separately! Head over to for more details and the submission form.  



We had a great time tonight, helping Crossover several new scouts from Pack 1714 to Troop 2319. We’re glad you chose our troop and are looking forward to seeing you all at our troop meetings on Monday nights at 7:30 and are especially happy that some of you have opted to join us on our next troop camp out tomorrow! Great Job everyone.


Webelos Visit!

We had a great time with all our various Webelos who came to visit. Its always a lot of fun getting to know the next group of scouts who will hopefully cross over into our troop. For fun, we even ran one of my favorite activities, chariot races! The goal is to lash poles to chairs that are strong enough to carry your team mates. It a great way to practice your lashings and have fun!