Popcorn Has Begun – Download the App!

What’s Poppin’ Troop 2319!

Get excited for POPCORN!! Take the first step and download the Trails End App.

How does it work?

SELL ONLINE DIRECT • Safest way for Scouts to sell • Scouts earn Double Points for TE Rewards • Traditional products and prices • No handling of products/cash for Scout or Unit • Products popped fresh to order—shipped direct to customer. Visit www.trails-end.com/ online-direct for additional details. MORE products are available on-line (compared to Wagon Sales/Paper Orders). The attached pdf show the product line-up. (note -there could be some offer variations through the course of the sale)

EARN PRIZES!!! See below pdf for the NEW Points system Prizes.

Don’t forget to download the Trails End App.

Daphne Huey
Fundraising Chair